Stubborn Computing

Datagubbe has a great piece on stubborn computing over on his page. In the Age of Noise, there is a ton of great advice to be taken to heart.

This blog is a step down in simplicity from simple HTML and CSS pages being served up since I do utilize WordPress, but I keep it as simple as possible:

  1. No jumping or moving pictures on the page
  2. Simple tags and categories are used
  3. The database and its components are backed up and easily restored.
  4. The colors on this page are rather basic and will stay that way
  5. WordPress uses a nominal number of cookies for authentication and user logins. This page doesn’t have that, and I don’t use third party plugins, so no cookies. I don’t know who visits the page.

What are you doing in the age of stubborn computing?


Provided we have the right type of rigor, we need randomness, mess, adventures, uncertainty, self-discovery, near-traumatic episodes, all these things that make life worth living, compared to the stuctured, fake, and ineffective life of an empty-suit CEO with a preset schedule and an alarm clock.

“Only the autodidacts are free”

-Nassim Taleb